5/41 Wharf Street

Sold in just over a week, quite amazing!

I first went to First National when my unit at Tuncurry had a deposit placed on it for sale and I was ready to look for my next home and the house i was looking at was listed in their window in 2018. The new owner of my unit was reluctant for a quick settlemt and in fact dragged it out as long as he could making the purchase of the new premises longer down the track and the owners were wondering if I was serious.

This is when Darren spoke to the owners on my behalf to explain the hold up and that iwas extremely eager to purcahse and liase with them until the finish. My wife and I were extremely impressed with the personal care exhibited and knowledge in the housing market and the house he sold us suited us to a tee.

Come 2020 and my mother who is now 101 years young and had to take up full ages care residency and I was in no doubt who I was going to trust to sell my mothers 4 bedroom unit. This I thought would be a hard slog as Coronavirus was rampant and people weren't able to get around for inspections but on talking to First National they devised a plan of one personal at a time as well as quality internet displays and walk through cameras and the unit sold in just over a week, quite amazing!

All up I cannot be happier with the choice we made in the agent and I would recommend them to anyone interested in property, they are dedicated, caring and give a personal touch to the experience and this is when matters when selling or purchasing something that costs so much!